Here are some of the most common questions we’re asked at Swapsy Towers. To save you the cost of a stamp here some answers :)


Q: Why are we doing this?

A: There are multiple reasons! Hopefully this is a fun and easy way for people to find new items they love, whilst giving items people no longer need a second home.

In addition, we hope this helps the environment by reducing waste and lets people chat to other interesting people along the way :)


Q: Can you swap anything for anything?

A: Yes! Monetary value shouldn't be a key consideration - swap what you want for whatever you want (so long as someone else also wants to swap their items for yours!). So, the chances of swapping socks for a gold watch are probably slim!

Remember you can use filters to help refine your options.


Q. How do you swap items after matching?

A: That’s up to you once you start chatting. However, you can meet up in a convenient, safe place. This could be near a station, in a coffee shop or post items if you know and trust the person... or something else that works for both swappers. 

Also, you can leave feedback and give a star ratings after your experience. Go build your star rating!