Our team

Swapsy’s team is made up of an experienced marketer and researcher,  a savvy strategist & finance mind, a user experience research and design voice of reason and a tech wizard.


Christian Clark Worsley

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With a background in finance, I have long been interested in circular and sustainable economy. There should be a way to keep doing the things we love, like renewing our wardrobes, without emptying our wallets and wrecking the environment in the process. With Swapsy, we aim to provide just that!

Day-to-day I make sure everything all comes together and that Swapsy is heading in the right direction.


Warren Lister

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

One of the main things I like about Swapsy is it's ability to reduce waste. Today, people have clothes & accessories in their wardrobe they no longer wear, or don't think are worth selling. The idea of items having a 'second life' is really cool. I'm excited about people meeting locally for a quick exchange!

My main responsibility is to help spread the Swapsy word - getting people to download the app and get swapping!

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Alexandra Krzyzosiak

Head of Product Design

Growing up in California my parents and I would always buy or pick up free used furniture belonging to university students who moved out every semester. While it was good that we were able to get free stuff, it also showed me just how much waste is produced from unwanted items, which inevitably end up on the street or in the dump. I love how Swapsy has the ability to connect people who want to swap clothes while enabling them to get something else in return at no cost. 

As Swapsy's Head of Product Design I’m passionate about focusing our design around the needs of people to enable a great experience for our users.


Richard Mason

Digital Architecture Design & Development

There is already a large movement towards owning less and sharing more in the world and I believe that Swapsy can play an important role in that change. But make it fun at the same time!